Service Announcement: Please note that due to high call volumes, CAA emergency battery service is boost and go only at this time. CAA Battery Service® diagnostics is by appointment only. For emergency battery boost call 204-262-6000 in Winnipeg, or toll-free at 1-800-222-4357.

About CAA Battery Service

CAA Battery Service® is convenient, fast, affordable and popular benefit of being a CAA Manitoba Member.

A car battery lasts between three and five years on average, and often dies without much warning. CAA Manitoba offers FREE on-the-spot battery testing, delivery and installation to help Members avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery before it happens or to assist you when it does happen. Plus, Members can save up to $100 in testing, labour and service costs compared to a garage.

CAA's batteries are high quality and backed by a 72-month warranty including FREE replacement in the first three years. (Some exceptions apply.)

Read more about Battery Basics in the Fall 2016 issue of CAA Manitoba Magazine.

How Do I Get A Battery?

CAA Battery Service® is available as an emergency service, as well as by appointment.

Battery testing and installation is available for CAA Manitoba Members in Winnipeg and Brandon areas only. (Please note that during high call volume periods CAA Battery Service® may be boost and go only. When this does occur a notice will be posted on the home page of our website). To schedule a service call:

In Winnipeg: 204–262–6000

In Brandon: 1–800–222–4357

Member Pricing

All CAA members are eligible for lower member pricing on CAA batteries.

Premier & Premier RV members also earn 20 CAA Dollars on a battery purchase.

Get A CAA Battery Quote

Simply select the year, make, model and engine to get a FREE battery quote for your vehicle.

Please note: Prices quoted do not include taxes.

A quote can also be obtained by calling 204-262-6000 or toll free 1-800-222-4357.

Not a Member?

You can Join CAA Online, or call us at 1–800–JOIN–CAA (1–800–564–6222).