Service Announcement: Please note that due to high call volumes, CAA emergency battery service is boost and go only at this time. CAA Battery Service® diagnostics is by appointment only. For emergency battery boost call 204-262-6000 in Winnipeg, or toll-free at 1-800-222-4357.

Fuel Delivery & Flat Tires

Got A Flat? Need a fuel delivery?

For Emergency Road Service in Winnipeg
Call 204–262–6000

Elsewhere in Manitoba, Canada or the US
Call 1–800–CAA–HELP (1–800–222–4357)

Cell users call *222® (*CAA®), toll–free, anywhere in North America.
You can also Request Service Online.

Fuel Delivery

CAA Classic: If you run out of fuel, a limited supply will be delivered to your disabled vehicle, enabling you to reach the nearest fuel station or towing provisions will apply. The cost of fuel is your responsibility. Specific brands of octane ratings cannot be guaranteed.

CAA Plus, Plus RV, Premier and Premier RV: A limited supply of fuel (free of charge) will be delivered to your disabled vehicle to enable you reach the nearest open service station; or the vehicle may be towed in accordance with the towing provision. Specific brands of octane ratings cannot be guaranteed.

Flat tires

Installation of a spare tire: If an inflated spare is not available or if the service provider is unable to safely change or remove the tire, then towing provisions will apply.

Flat tire service does not include tire repair, additional trips to deliver a repaired tire, installation or removal of tire chains, mounting, dismounting or shifting of tires, or seasonal tire changeovers.

A waiver must be signed regarding re-torque after 80 - 100 kilometres for Member safety.