CAA Driving Angels

What is a Driving Angel?

Does someone you know generously volunteer their time to drive you to where you need to go?

If so, nominate them as a CAA Driving Angel. A Driving Angel is a community volunteer who offers peace of mind to seniors by helping them get to medical appointments, the grocery store or social functions.

A Driving Angel can be anyone: a neighbour, friend, family member, or someone from a pre-established volunteer driving program*.

Thank your volunteer driver by nominating them to be a CAA Driving Angel

Tell us why your volunteer driver is special to you – and we will recognize them for their selflessness. When you nominate a volunteer driver, CAA will send you a personalized thank you letter, an official certificate of recognition and a limited edition Driving Angel pin. You can present this to your Driving Angel, or you can request a representative from CAA attend your event to make the presentation in person.

Why was the CAA Driving Angel program created?

The CAA Driving Angel was created to raise the awareness of how important continued mobility is for mature adults. Access to alternative transportation is essential for independence and well-being - and CAA Manitoba wants to help encourage more people to become volunteer drivers as our population ages.

Driving Angel of the Year

Every October, Judges will select one “Driving Angel of the Year.” That special person will be recognized at the Seniors’ and Elders’ Day conference and will be awarded a special gift from CAA.

CAA Driving Angel Nomination Form

To nominate your CAA Driving Angel, please complete the online form below, or Download a Printable Copy and mail it to our office at:

CAA Driving Angels
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