School Safety

Back to School Safety Assessment

The CAA Back to School Safety Assessment is an annual event to raise awareness about motorist behaviour in school zones.

During a morning rush in September, assessors are placed in three different school zones to identify instances of risky behaviour – things like speeding, distracted driving, not obeying road signs and pedestrian infractions.

Assessors are comprised of members of CAA Manitoba, Winnipeg Police Service, MPI, Green Action Centre, Manitoba School Boards Association, among others.

2016 results:

2015 results:

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2013 results:

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2011 results:

CAA School Safety Patrol Program

CAA is the National Coordinator of the CAA School Safety Patrol program. There are over 70,000 student volunteers across Canada participating in this program who give millions of volunteer hours every year.

In Manitoba, CAA Manitoba works with Manitoba Public Insurance and policing agencies like the Winnipeg Police Service, the Brandon Police Service and the RCMP to ensure its continued growth and success.

If you want to learn more about the program, or are a teacher wanting to request supplies, please visit

Reduced Speed Limits In School Zones

CAA Manitoba is a strong supporter of reduced speed limits in school zones. In 2012, we consulted on this proposed amendment to the Highway Traffic Act and were pleased to see changes enacted in September 2013.

As of September 2014, school zones in many Manitoban municipalities have implemented reduced speed limits in their school zones.

About the legislation:

  • Municipalities are now allowed to set maximum speed limits in school zones by the following guidelines:
    • As low as 30 km/h where the regular posted speed limit is up to 80 km/h
    • As low at 50 km/h where the regular posted speed limit it greater than 81 km/h
  • Schools may apply for reduced speed limits through their municipality
  • Regional roads will not see reduced school zone speed limits


Guide to Reduced Speed School Zones – Government of Manitoba

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City of Winnipeg By-Law

School Zone Speed Limit – Provincial Comparison