Safe & Secure: Rent and Relax

Renters frequently ask if they really need insurance. It's a myth that the building’s insurance covers the tenant as well. The reality is: your landlord’s insurance does NOT cover you if your personal possessions are stolen or damaged.

Even more, as a tenant, you are responsible for:

  • Loss or damage to your personal possessions
  • Any unintentional property damage you may cause to the building in which you live
  • Personal financial liability if you're found responsible for damaging the contents of other renters

CAA Manitoba Insurance helps renters find the best tenant insurance company for your needs!

Making A Claim?

For claims service please call
your policy’s insurance company:

Aviva Canada Inc.:

CAA Insurance Company:

Intact Insurance Company:

Red River Mutual:
1–204–324–4269 or 1–800–370–2888

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