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Kids Go Free

Now your kids get FREE roadside assistance in anyone’s car*

Between grandparents, friends and coaches, kids travel in a lot of cars. Make sure your kids never find themselves stuck at the side of the road. Members can now share their membership benefits with their children (15 years old and under) so you know they’re covered, no matter whose car they’re in. It’s FREE for CAA Plus or Premier Members.

How does it work?

Simple. All you have to do is to register your kid(s) 15 years of age and under on your Plus or Premier membership.

Not a Plus or Premier Member?

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Terms & Conditions
  • Available only with a Primary CAA Plus or Premier Membership (including RV coverage option). This benefit allows the Primary Member to share their emergency roadside assistance and locksmith benefits with their children 15 years of age or under.

    Members must register their child’s name and birthdate to their CAA Manitoba Membership to receive this benefit. Once they turn 16 years of age and upon the Primary Member’s renewal date, the Kids Go Free benefit will automatically be cancelled or can be upgraded to a Primary or Associate member.

  • Multiple children living in the same household as the Primary Member can be registered for the Kids Go Free benefit.

  • Emergency roadside assistance for children registered with the Kids Go Free program is only available within the province of Manitoba.

  • There is a 48-hour waiting period for towing benefits on new or upgrades to Plus and Premier Memberships. All new memberships include 5 km of towing upon joining.

  • Any costs incurred on the roadside with this benefit must be paid by the vehicle owner/driver at the time of roadside assistance. At the time of the roadside service call, staff will quote the caller additional costs and the driver will be charged accordingly once ERS service has been provided.

  • CAA Manitoba owned & operated fleet vehicles and contractors are not equipped with car seats. CAA Manitoba dispatch can assist in providing alternate transportation methods (eg, taxi) if required.

  • CAA Plus or Premier Primary Members with children registered to the Kids Go Free benefit cannot share the Road Trip Interruption Benefit with their children.

  • In order to be eligible to purchase Personal Accident Insurance, child members must upgrade to an associate membership.

  • What is Kids Go Free?
  • Kids Go Free is a new FREE membership benefit available to any Primary CAA Plus or Premier Member. The Member must register their children under the age of 15 to share in the same emergency roadside service (ERS) benefits as them.
  • Why would a child under 15 who can’t drive need CAA membership benefits?
  • Today’s children travel 2.4 times per week in a vehicle other than the family car. Whether it’s with a grandparent, aunt/uncle, nanny or carpooling, children are being driven around to sports events, school and extra-curricular activities by people other than their parent or guardian. With Kids Go Free, your child is now covered no matter whose vehicle they are in.
  • Can anybody sign up for Kids Go Free?
  • Only CAA Plus and Premier Primary Members are eligible. Children under 15 years old must be registered for the program and live in the same household as the Primary member. The Primary member can be a parent, grandparent or guardian. Once registered, this will allow each child to have their own CAA Manitoba membership card.
  • What if the child has parents that live in separate households who are both CAA Manitoba Members. Can the child be registered under both parents?
  • No. The same membership rules apply for Kids Go Free, only one membership can be held.
  • What membership benefits do Kids Go Free members receive?
  • Children registered for Kids Go Free are not eligible for insurance discounts, cannot share the road trip interruption benefit or purchase personal accident insurance. They share the roadside and locksmith benefits with the Primary Member but receive all other membership benefits. Children will receive their own membership card and can use their membership card for savings and discounts with CAA Rewards partners and earn CAA Dollars through the CAA Rewards program.
  • If my child is travelling in a vehicle that requires roadside service, how will the driver know if the child is a CAA Manitoba membership?
  • Before a call is dispatched, staff will have confirmed the call is for a child registered with the Kids Go Free program and the call will be charged against the Primary member. The call is subject to the Terms & Conditions that apply to the membership coverage.
  • Do children need to show a membership card in order to get roadside service?
  • No. For these calls, a membership card is preferred but not required.
  • What happens if additional costs are incurred at the time of roadside assistance?
  • The driver of the vehicle will be responsible for any additional charges that occur. At the time of the ERS call, our staff will quote the caller additional costs and the driver will be charged accordingly once ERS service has been provided.
  • What happens once the child turns 16?
  • Once the child turns 16 and on the Primary Member’s renewal date, the Kids Go Free benefit will automatically expire.