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Member Stories

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Thanks CAA Travel and Alice

May 17, 2017

I'm writing this note to thank CAA Manitoba for the excellent job in scheduling our Mediterranean Cruise, especially Alice Martin our CAA travel consultant. The cruise was everything my wife, Bev, and I expected and more. It provided us with the relaxation we were looking for along with the daily change in scenery including the chance to meet new friends. The choice of the actual cruise line and ship was Alice's suggestion, as well as the itinerary, it was perfect. CAA and Alice, thanks for a fantastic holiday including the memories we will hold for the rest of our lives. Oh, we'll be back in 2019 for a similar cruise.

– Members Bev and Tom

Great CAA Experience

March 12, 2017

I had trouble starting my vehicle after returning from holidays. CAA came within 45 minutes. The mechanics determined that the battery was dead and needed replacing. One call and the new battery was on its way and quickly installed. Wow! Teamwork! Both mechanics that came to help were professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I truly appreciated the courtesy and care that I experienced. Based on the service, the membership has been totally worth it.

– Member Anne

Top Marks, CAA

February 5, 2017

I broke down on the #1 highway on February 4th. The steering went very loose and my brakes gave up. I managed to pull over to the side and phoned CAA. The driver that turned up was a young man named Peter and I have to say, he was the most courteous, polite person I could wish to meet. Not only did we chat whilst he towed me back home, he did everything possible to get my truck back in my garage for me, so that when my husband got home he could do the necessary repairs. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Peter. I hope that the management at CAA realise that the staff working for them are amazing. Thank you CAA and a special thanks to Peter!

– Member Sue

Very Impressed

December 15, 2016

Dear CAA, yesterday you helped get a vehicle to a 80+ year old women stranded on Waverely street. I wanted to thank you for getting here so fast. This lady had a flat tire, was alone with no family around to help her. We kept her warm while she waited for you. She tells me she has been a CAA member since 1988! You did a long-time client a great service with little waiting. She had a bit of lunch while she waited, and was on her way. Thank you!

– Debra V, Winnipeg

Great Job, CAA

December 7, 2016

I have had CAA for a few years now, and no complaints. I highly recommend CAA to everyone I know. They’re always there to help when you're in a terrible situation. Everything from a flat tire, no gas, to a tow. I've always had great people come to my rescue, they have a hard job and always on the go but always show up with a smile. I've also used CAA to book our family Disney trip, and the deals you get though them is amazing. I need to start using my CAA card to its full use because there are so many places that use your membership for discounts all around the city and more. Thank you CAA! And especially big thanks to the driver I had today, you were great!!

– Member Tina

Exceptional Service in Brandon

December 6, 2016

I headed out to Winnipeg this afternoon, both overestimating the quality of my tires and underestimating the terrible road conditions on the TransCanada Highway. About 20 minutes (in good conditions) outside of Brandon I decided to turn around, but ended up getting stuck in the snow. Your driver, Mike, deserves to be recognized for the exceptional service he provided. Not only did Mike arrive very quickly, but his friendly, easy going demeanor helped ease the stress of being stuck on the road. I believe that employees like Mike deserve to receive recognition for the quality of work they deliver, because they are the ones that help companies thrive and grow!

- Member Hannah

What A Day!

December 1, 2016

Yesterday was a doozy of a day. Day full of events and meetings. My husband's Jeep broke down and CAA to the rescue and got it to the garage to be fixed. We then used my car which got a flat tire after an event. Again CAA came to our rescue, changed my tire so I could get to my Mom's, and pick her up to take her to the doctor’s office. Thank you CAA!

– Member Elaine

Thank You All!

November 24, 2016

I had driven my husband to Health Sciences Centre for tests. I was sitting in the car less than 10 minutes when the car simply died. Nothing worked. When my car died, I almost started to cry. I called CAA and spoke with a very nice young lady. I told her my story and she was so positive and helpful, she wished me luck and only good wishes for me. She made me feel so much better. Shortly afterwards the gentleman arrived to give me a boost. He was like an angel arriving to help me. He was kind, polite, helpful and very considerate. I just had to give him a hug. I would like you to know what great people such as these two individuals are and you should be so very proud to have them on your team.

– Member Kathy

Great Job Guys

November 21, 2016

I called CAA for Road Assistance on Monday November 21, 2016 at approx. 5:15 pm. I had to wait 45 mins before the CAA tow truck arrived but I have to say it was worth the wait. Two gentlemen got out of the truck, one gentleman introduced himself and his helper. He explained that his helper was in training and he was going to shadow him. I thought he was just going to hook up the vehicle and tow it to the garage. To make a long story short, my husband Googled the problem on his smart phone, and they figured out that it was only a fuse that had burnt out. I had extra fuses, they changed it and the problem was fixed. Well, if it hadn't been for your driver, I would have had to pay a garage to have a look at the problem and it would have cost me big bucks just for a little burnt fuse. So hats off to your driver and his helper for a great job. Now I know why I have a membership with CAA!

– Member Rosanne

Thanks CAA Travel

September 21, 2016

Just wanted to let you know the trip to Ireland was fabulous. And we only heard Danny Boy three times!!! Thanks for all your help and for making the trip special by sending me a card that says Welcome Home. What a nice touch to come home to and making me feel special. You're great at your jobs and I think you're special. So keep up the good work.

– Member Daria