Travel Accident Insurance

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Travel accident insurance: another free benefit exclusively for Members!

The fun part about booking with CAA Travel is the excitement of trip-planning details. Cocktails on the beach in Mexico? An Egyptian cruise? Perhaps an eco-tour in Peru!

What isn’t fun is planning for worst-case scenarios. Knowing that, we’ve taken that step for you and arranged a plan included with your Membership.

Whenever you book a trip with CAA Travel, as a Member you are automatically protected with Travel Accident Insurance coverage at no additional cost.

You’ll be covered for up to $100,000 for CAA Classic Members or up to $500,000 for Plus Members.

This coverage applies to loss of life or dismemberment. Want to see how you’re covered?

Learn more about Travel Accident Insurance, or for more information, contact CAA Travel.

Making A Claim?

For CAA Travel Accident claims, please call