President’s Cruises

What Is A President’s Cruise?

Why not try one of our popular escorted cruise departures?

Hosted by CAA President Mike Mager and his wife Gail Gel, President’s Cruises feature some of our most memorable itineraries.

Escorted as well by CAA Travel professionals for that personal touch, our cruise packages include numerous special benefits including exclusive departure gifts, shipboard amenities and much more!

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How To Book

For more information about CAA Manitoba President’s Cruises, please fill out a Travel Information Request Form.

Please call your CAA Travel Consultant for complete terms and conditions on our President's Cruises.


The President’s Club

The President’s Club loyalty program is dedicated to honouring our loyal clients who have been past, present and future travellers on President’s Cruises. We value you as a repeat traveller, and want to recognize and reward the trust you place in us each time we depart. The President’s Club is just another advantage of choosing CAA Travel and our President’s Cruises!

Recognition levels and benefits

Your current level within the club is based on how many President’s Cruises you’ve been on in the past – the more cruises, the higher your level. As you hop onboard more President’s Cruises/Tours, you can reach higher levels for added benefits.

Bronze - Achieve bronze status when you’ve travelled on 3 cruises/tours.

Silver - Achieve silver status when you’ve travelled on 5 cruises/tours.

Gold - Achieve gold status when you’ve travelled on 10 cruises/tours.

Platinum - Achieve platinum status when you’ve travelled on 15 cruises/tours.

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President's Cruise: Wonders of the Far East

October 23-November 10, 2018

14-night China, South Korea and Japan cruise on board Celebrity Millennium.

Explore this region of contrasts, where modern innovation fuses with a rich history throughout Japan, China and South Korea. Energetic cities of dazzling skyscrapers, superb cuisine and vivid colours and lights complement the exotic allure of Buddhist temples, spellbinding shrines and tranquil gardens.

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