Travel Money

Buy Foreign Currency Online

Meet your foreign currency needs easily and conveniently with My Travel Wallet, an online service offered by Travelex Canada – experts in foreign currency exchange.

  • More than 50 foreign currencies to choose from
  • Simple three–step ordering process

NOTE: Exchange rates fluctuate daily. Find the daily exchange rate below or visit a CAA Manitoba store for today's rate.

Or Drop By The Office...

If would prefer to order your foreign currency in person, pay a visit to any one of our CAA Manitoba stores!

  • Order banknotes from over 100 different countries
  • Delivery of most currencies within 72 hours

American Express® Travellers Cheques

  • NO FEE for CAA Manitoba Members
  • Safe alternative to carrying cash
  • Available in Canadian and U.S. dollars; cheques for two users are available in U.S. funds only
  • Lost or stolen cheques can be replaced, usually within 24–hours

For exchange rates and Travel Money information, call 204–262–6166 or 1–800–222–4357.

Daily Exchange Rate

Find the daily Canada or U.S. Dollar exchange rate on traveller’s cheques offered at our CAA stores:

1.00 USD = 1.3164 CAD
1.00 CAD = 0.7596 USD