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Tips for Air Travellers

Have a nice trip! Chances are you will – with some helpful travel tips to ensure your comfort and safety.

Whether travelling by air, land or sea, the right information can make your journey what it should be: pleasurable, not painful.

Get some smart advice for air travellers.

Security requirements for air travel are subject to change. Learn more about what is allowed on–board an aircraft from the
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.

Travelling Abroad?

Registration of Canadians Abroad is a free service offered by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada that keeps you connected to Canada in case of an emergency abroad, such as an earthquake or civil unrest, or an emergency at home.

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A Woman’s Guide To Safe Travel

Global travel can present some special challenges to women of all ages and walks of life. Local customs and social taboos in many foreign countries make it important for women to educate themselves on how to interact with local populations to avoid potential problems.

Foreign Affairs Canada has some excellent travel advice for women.

Tips To Go

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A Safe & Fun Road Trip

  • Avoid difficulties in making reservations by booking your vacation well in advance.
  • Rehearse with your children before you leave; pitch a tent in the backyard; take a day trip to get your kids used to spending time away from home.
  • Involve children in the vacation planning. Let them look at your CAA maps and TourBooks and watch videos about your vacation destination.
  • If you’re travelling with a small child and plan to rent a car, make sure the rental company can provide a car seat. Otherwise, pack one along with your luggage.
  • Never place a rear–facing infant restraint in a seating position where there is an air bag device.
  • Never leave children unattended in a vehicle.
  • Find out what amenities your hotel provides (irons, blow dryers, cribs) as this can help reduce luggage.
  • Take the phone number of your pediatrician and a first aid kit, as well as cleaning products such as wet wipes and paper towels.
  • Keep your children occupied on the way to your destination. Have plenty of nutritious snacks on hand, such as raisins, sandwiches, bagels and water bottles.

Need an emergency kit? Travelling with pets? We have many more informative travel tips ready for you.